A new paper published in Systematics and Biodiversity describes the new species Belemia cordata with its chloroplast genome sequence, the first of the genus. Link


In this paper bulk samples of insects was used to sample the local vertebrate they fed on. An additional tool for environmental assessment and surveying. (Photo: Guilherme Oliveira). PDF


The Echinococcus genus contains very important human and livestock parasites. In this collaboration, coordinated by colleagues from the University of Buenos Aires we follow on other papers that use genomics to understand these parasites, create the basis for the use of...


In this just released PNAS publicaton, the study of genes involved in limb regeneration in the Polypterus fish the genetic program that regulates the process was described. This work is fundamental for the understanding of an early process that does not occur in reptil...


New DNA barcoding of the global biodiversity project aims at using DNA evidence to discover a massive number of new species. Click here or on the image for the paper.

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