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Ronnie Alves, PhD

Researcher at ITV, bioinformatician, new metagenomcis analysis tools, metagenomics studies, transcriptome, data visualization.

Rafael Valadares, PhD

Researcher, ITV. Proteomics and molecular biology of plants and microbes.

Santelmo Vasconcelos, PhD

Plant systematics, molecular phylogenetics, genetic diversity analyses and cytogenetics.

José Augusto Bitencourt, PhD

Environmental microbiology research.

Gisele Lopes Nunes, PhD

Researcher, ITV. Bioinformatics, metagenomics and plant genomics.

Eder Pires, PhD

CNPq PDI fellow. In charge of the production of genomics data using next generation sequencing systems. Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Angélico Asenjo, PhD

Post-Doc, ITV. Insect taxonomist specialized in beetles. Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Marcele Laux, PhD

Post-Doc, ITV. Bioinformatics of metagenomes and plant genomes. Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Mariana Dias, PhD Student

CNPq fellow, PhD student at the Program for Bioinformatics at UFMG working on the genomes of native Amazonian canga plants. Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Mabel Ortiz, PhD student

Student at the Genetics Dept. at UFPA. Her work is on the microbiome of the different areas of the amazon canga at Carjás. Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Renato Oliveira, PhD student

PhD student at the Bioinformatics Program at UFMG working of better approaches for large scale assembly of plant genomes. Advisor - Guilherme Oliveira and Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén.

Kleber Padovani de Souza, PhD student

Bioinformatics, machine learning applications in metagenome assembly. Supervisor - Ronnie Alves.

Sidney Vasconcelos do Nascimento, MSc.

Sobre o que é este item? O que há de interessante nele? Escreva uma descrição cativante para chamar a atenção do seu público. Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Thadeu Pietrobon, MSc student

Biospeleologist at Vale. MSc student working on studies of isopoda genetic diversity using DNA barcodes.  Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Aline Madeira, MSc student.

Masters student working on metaproteomic analysis of the Amazon canga soil.  Supervisor - Rafael Valadares.

Raíssa Lorena Silva, MSc student.

Bioinformatics, gene prediction in metagenomes. Supervisor - Ronnie Alves.

Talvâne Lima, MSc student

Bioinformatics, genomic and DNA barcode databases. Supervisor - Ronnie Alves.

Victor Cirilo, MSc student

Working on methods for the taxonomic description of metagenomic data. Supervisor - Ronnie Alves.

Wérica Colaço Barros Santos, MSc student

Developing bioremediation solutions for acid mine drainage.  Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira and José Augusto Bittencourt.

Felipe Costa Trindade, MSc student

ITV MSc student working on soil metaproteomics.  Supervisor - Rafael Valadares.

Pedro Paulo Furtado Oliveira Jr., MSc student.

Bioinformatics, binning towards metagenome assembly.   Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira.

Lana Fonseca, MSc student.

Cave metaproteomics.   Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira and Rafael Valadares.

Mateus Almeida, MSc student.

Fungal biodiversity in native and revegetation areas in Carajás.   Supervisor - Guilherme Oliveira and Rafael Valadares.

Roberto Brito Xavier Jr., MsC student

Metagenomics bioinformatics analysis. Supervisor - Ronnie Alves.

Anderson Miguel Teixeira Feitosa, MSc student

Masters student working on the diversity of cyanobacteria in Carajás lakes. Supervisors- José Augusto Bittencourt and Rafael Valadares.

Amanda Oliveira, MSc Student

Masters student working on canga metagenomics. Supervisor- José Augusto Bittencourt.

Vitória Carolina, MSc student

Masters student at ITV working on methods for environmental assessment of plants using metabarcoding approaches. Supervisors- Guilherme Oliveira.

Jamily Lorena Ramos de Lima

Technical assistant involved in the production of DNA barcodes using the Sanger technology and also in metabarcode production and analysis using Illumina and PacBio approaches.

Manoel Lopes

​Técnico de laboratório.

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