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Soil metabolism through metaproteomics. In this new publication we explore the metabolic functons of

Higher protein abundance and diversity were found in forest soil, but functional categorization of protein sequences retrieved a higher number of categories in canga. Despite canga soil having less diversity, the species present can tolerate rigorous environmental conditions, as demonstrated by higher levels of stress related proteins, and dominated community assembly. The metaproteomic analysis revealed molecular responses of microorganisms and plants to environmental conditions in both soils, representing powerful tools for molecular description of biodiversity hotspots and providing a functional understanding of marginal environments. Link

Trindade, F. C., Ramos, S.J., Gastauer, M., Saraiva, A.M.M., Caldeira, C.F., Oliveira, G., Valadares, R.B.S. Metaproteomic analysis from a ferruginous rocky outcrop soil from Southeastern Brazil. Pedobiologia Journal of Soil Ecology. 2020. 81-82, 150664.

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