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cave biology

Genomics and bioinformatics applied to the study of troglobite and troglomorphic invertebrates of ferruginous caves

Projetct aims: 
To describe the taxonomy and evolutionary biology of the fauna of ferruginous caves in Carajás (Pará, Brazil) with the use of genomics and bioinformatics.
Establish procedures for large scale DNA barcoding for the cave fauna
Develop DNA barcodes for species of interest
Determine the barcode gap for species of interest
Verify intraspecific diversity for species of interest
Develop DNA metabarcoding methodologies for the mass biodiversity screening of caves
Compare caves according to the determined biodiversity
Develop mitochondrial genome information to determine evolutionary relationship among species of interest
Sequence the genomes of species of interest
Construct a cave fauna DNA bank

Establish a center for the triage of invertebrate fauna of interest


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Funding: Vale
Xavier Prous - Vale speleology team
Thadeu Pietrobon - Vale speleology team
Iuri Brandi - Vale speleology team
Robson Zampaulo - Vale speleology team
Mariane Ribeiro - Vale speleology team

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