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Graduated in Biological Sciences from UFMG (1990). Obtained his PhD from the Dept. of Biology at Texas A&M University, USA (1995) and then was for a short period a post-doc at the Dept. of Pathobiology, Vet. School, Texas A&M University, Dept. of Biology, University of York, UK and FIOCRUZ-Minas. He is currently a Senior Researcher at The Vale Technology and previously at the Institute  René Rachou - FIOCRUZ-Minas.

Dr. Oliveira is the leader of the Biodiversity and Biotechnology group at ITV-DS. He is also a visitin scientist at the Bioinformatics Graduate Program of the UFMG.

He is a member of the Brazilian Societies for Genetics and Parasitology, former President of the Brazilian Association for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and former member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Computational Biology. He is currnetly a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the international Barcode of Life consortium - iBol.

Dr. Oliveira's main interests are in molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics the mining environment and the amazon and of Schistosoma mansoni, the parasite that causes schistosomiasis. He is also involved in genomics an computational analysis of structural and functional genomics data of many different species.

Research interests

Genomes and functional genomics of microorganisms, plants and cave invertebrates of the Amazon.

DNA Barcoding of amazonian Canga plants and cave invertebrates.

Metagenomics of the Canga and mining environments.

Education and former positions

1985 - 1990
Federal University of Minas Gerais
BSc in Immunolog and Biochemistry

1990 - 1995
Texas A&M University
PhD in Microbiology, Dept. of Biology

2002 - 2015
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - FIOCRUZ
Former Senior Researcher, leader of the Genomics and Computational Biology Group

Scientific societies

Brazilian Association for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Former President)

Brazilian Genetics Society



International Society for Computational Biology (Former Board Member)


International Society for DNA barcoding

International Society of Microbial Ecology

Associate Editor

Genetics and Molecular Biology
Journal of the Brazilian Genetics Society


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