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amazon forest biodiversity

Genomics and bioinformatics applied to the study of the Amazon biodiversity.

Projetct aims:

Our focus area is the Carajás region in the State of Pará, Brazil (depicted in the photo). We aim to describe the biodiversity of the region focusing initially on the Flora. This involves the production of reference DNA barcode libraries for all of the plants. This is advanced with the flora of the altitude fields, known as Canga. We also are deploying metagenomics and metaproteomics to describe the different environments such as distinct patches of the Canga, lakes rivers and the forest itself. Further we are deploying metabacoding for assessing and monitoring the region's biodiversity

Genomic tools are being used for in depth description of targeted plant species.


Other related projects


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Funding: Vale, CNPq, NNF

Daniela Scherer, Vale

Fernando Marino, Vale

Taís Fernandes, Vale

Alexandre Castilho, Vale

Bent Petersen, Univ. Copenhagen

Thomas Sichetirz-Pontén, Univ. Copenhagen

Fernando Geu-Flores, Univ. Copenhagen

Elíbio Rech, EMBRAPA Recursos Genéricos

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